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                               Jotun  is almost the world’s leaders in the manufacture and supply of paint, powder coating and cathodic protection. Jotun products protect offshore structures, ships, buildings and industrial plants against attack from the worst nature  or man can offer wind, rain, extremes of  heat and cold, pollution, chemicals and abrasion.Jotun products also bring beauty to the surfaces they protect combining practically with colour and texture.Jotun is active in every aspect of coatings technology.Its objective  is  to offer its  customers the  best possible solutions  to  their individual  requirements.  A responsible and effective technical service is available throughout the world. In more than 50 countries Jotun has built its reputation for quality, reliability and friendliness.

Jotun Protective Coatings

                             Jotun protects offshore installation as well as chemical and oilfield plants in environment ranging from the icy waters of the Arctic to deserts near the Equator. It also meets the specialized needs of the mining and petrochemical industries. For the container industry Jotun fulfils the demand for tough, resilient, abrasion resistant coatings.Toady, for business anywhere in the world. The overall economics of protection and maintenance are increasingly critical with the need to minimize long term costs. Across the globe Jotun delivers its customers effective, economical products which incorporate the very latest technological advances.Research and development is a guiding light at Jotun and new challenges mean that it has a higher priority than ever. From the dedicated laboratory complex at Sandefjord in Norway, scientists work together with R & D  Personnel around the world. Combining state-of-the-art technology with practical hands-on experience. They have an enviable reputation for consistently achieving economical and workable solutions to customer’s needs.

Single Source Solutions

                              Jotun is the specialist protective coating manufacturer actively engaged in cathodic protection systems and services for the offshore industry.Cathodic protection is a specialized field requiring systems tailor made to each specific need. Jotun has over 30 years experience and a comprehensive data base of case histories and reference lists, which illustrate the company’s wealth of knowledge. A specialist design team and technical support personnel, from an unrivalled resource linked to the Jotun world-wide network. Jotun is unique in the offshore industry as the single source for both coatings and cathodic protection – recognized as the most effective method of protection of steel against corrosion. Jotun Protective Coating also provides passive fire protection in a number of countries throughout Europe and Asia, bringing the advantage of dealing with one contract, one delivery and one source – Jotun. The advantages to the customer of this unique interaction are totally unbiased, optimum technical and economical solutions to corrosion protection problems.

World Wide Service and Supervision

 All in all there are highly trained and experienced Jotun representative in more than 50 countries available to access to the Jotun Technical Department brings an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience to solve even the most complex protection problems. Experience gained throughout the World ensures that expert  guidance is available everywhere on the selection of the most economic and effective Solution. Jotun representatives bring sound, practical on-site advice and experience and in-depth knowledge of jotun’s advanced Sophisticated systems.They ensure surface preparation and application methods meet the standards required to achieve the most efficient performance.

WE PROTECTIVE COTINGS (PVT) LTD. Are the sole agents in Sri Lanka for “JOTUN” paints since 1992. the range of products stored in Colombo includes marine, industrial, protective and Container coatings. Also Decorative paints could be supplied on request.We maintain a stock of over 40,000.00ltrs of different products at our duty free Bonded warehouse within the Colombo Port premises at all times, this enables us to Arrange for supplies within a couple of hours on receipt of orders.Do not hesitate to contact us on the following Nos. for all your paint requirements and obtain a paint specification along with a very competitive pricing structure.

Protective Coatings (Pvt) Ltd.

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Tel : 2574044,2577414 or 2577415
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