Oru mix Lanka

Inaugurated in April 2001, Oru-Mix Lanka is a Specialist Engineering Company, implemented to take over the Construction Division of Jayalath Trades & Transport.

Modern Ready-Mix facilities along with advanced computer controls, give Oru-Mix customers quality Concrete they can count on. Our in-house laboratory tests every product that goes into the manufacture of Ready Mixed Concrete we produce to ensure that our clients receive quality products they can depend on.

Equipped with 10 Transit Truck Mixers, 3 Pump Cars, and an output capacity of 30 Meter Cubes per hour, the Company brings together the best resource personnel in the field of Civil Engineering, and puts together a convincing and comprehensive package for solving clients needs. The solutions are both realistic and implemental, meeting the most demanding of clients' needs and expectations.

Oru Mix has many on-going projects to its credit, and boasts a wide customer base with a 20% Market Share of the total consumer market of Concrete, which sets it aside, in a Market flooded with competitors in the same field.

Our most notable achievement is that we are the first Sri Lankan company to enter the United Arab Emirates construction industry and subcontract our services under the name of Oru tampa Middle East Contacting LLC.

We have done our country proud by sub-contracting for the Burj Development Project, which is the site of the world’s tallest building and most expensive square kilometer of land on the planet once completed in the year 2007. This is a giant leap in our history books and we now forge ahead to take on offshore projects using the experience we have gained through the years and further with the knowledge of our project consultants LAN Consultants we possess the capability to undertake the successful delivery of major projects, particularly large commercial, residential, retail and specialist design and construction projects.

Given the quality control capabilities, a history of diversified participation and production in commercial, industrial, residential, and government projects, Oru-Mix Lanka has the knowledge and experience to deliver any grade of Concrete a project requires

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